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5am. strives to explore new ideas.
adrian johnson. illustration.
artiva. dealing in graphic design, branding and visual communication.

berger & fohr. visual communication characterized by modernism
Bibliotheque. just London.
bionic systems. studio for design & new media.
boyce. often investigations, instigations, experiments & collaborations.
build. there is great value in being different.
bureau for visual affairs. exploring the space between design and technology.
burodestruct. graphic artists’ collective.
couple. strategic graphic design studio.
dextro. algorithmic.
dwarf. “we call it Dosta, because it is dwarf’s studio.”
eugenie bergeon. freelance.
future farmers. people who know how to sew.
 Geneva-based, graphic design and research design studio.
happy pets. experimental lab.
hellome. design for art, culture and commerce.

Hi-ReS. “work rooted in graphic design, fine art, product design, film and music.”
hort. a creative playground.
inkahoots. primordial multimedia organism.
kleber. “award-winning, indefatigable web design/development studio.”
kokoro & moi. creative agency.
les-graphiquants. turning eyes into ear.
lobo. graphic design and animation studio.
lundgren+lindqvist. Sweden based design and development bureau.
maricormaricar. makers of things assorted.
me company. high impact imagery.
mm paris. a paris classic.
morse studio. London-based design consultancy.
neubau. autonomy in form & type.
onformative. a studio for generative design.
postler ferguson. multidisciplinary design consultancy.
prismgirl. a zusa mano graphic works portfolio.
raku gaki. web stories.
sd. help clients communicate their core values.
sdl. multidisciplinary design agency.
simon roth 
graphic design.
spin. thoughtful and apposite.
this is real art. four of our campaigns have started debates in Parliament.
universal everything. “digital art and design for brands, screens, galleries and stadiums.”
tobias van schneider. the privilege of working.
zim & zou. a complementary and polyvalent duo.


we also respect

bend. excellent providers.
bob studio. independent design studio.
designinsane. with complete love and respect.
design cartel. a newborn design studio.
design park. we are half greek half past three.
g design studio. each project is a unique route.
href. We make web a beautiful place.
indyvisuals. if you think you have something serious to say.
keik. we love you; all of you.
konsept83. 2 of them.
roleplay. devoted to confronting a wide range of design.
semiotic. being truthful to the content. 

taf. mother fucker!
tera media. we are interactive!
unhooked. how to unhook.
wundercloud. once upon a time.
yupyland. a strange but enjoyable place.
zaz. obsessed with focusing on details.


we ❤︎ typo

da font. free fonts.
emigre . to rapping paper.
fff . fonts for flash.
grixel. greek pixel fonts.
klim. klim type foundry. 
neubaushop. the official.
typorn. Glorifying Eclectic Typography.
YouWorkForThem. because we are all about You.


bench. design inspiration.
commentary project
. where football meets visual culture.

collate. design info.
colors. magazine.
colour lovers. community.
coop himmelb(l)au. the master plan is dead.
ecomputerlove. contemporary creative culture.
Grafik. Oh, yes!
greece is for lovers. contemporary greek product design.
hooger brugge. images.
IDEA. Japan – publication.
idN. international publication for creative people.
logo design love. devoted to the design of logos.
matterprinted. a curated book and magazine cover archive.
michael c hsiung. large mustache.
on-of poltegeist. an exhibition & performance.
studio octopi. drawing from both the arts.
paines plough. touring theatre company.
print process. creating print in a more democratic and liberating way.
unit editions. unit editions is a progressive publishing venture.
unurth. street art.
print process. creating print in a more democratic and liberating way.
warp. music.
visuelle. design briefing.
visual news. visual inspiration from around the world.


say hello!

alastair casey
. photography. 

ampoo. photography studio specialising in creative image retouching. 
benjamin lowy. always shoot and hone your skill. 
giles revell. Influenced by fine art and conceptualism. 
haris sfakianakis. live! 
math studio. what about click? 
petros koublis. photography. 
spiritual studio. aux chiens lunatiques. 
timothy saccenti. out+about.
yiorgos kaplanidis photography.


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