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As a freelancer Dimitris is collaborating for many years with some of the best qualified professionals in Greece, such as imk {social media}, href {development}, taf studios {animation}, math studio {photography}, ampoo {image proccessing}, with whom he has been dealing with demanding and time consuming projects. 

This resulted in the creation of a flexible network of partners who are capable of highly specific ongoing projects in a short time with reliability and competitive cost.

Print - I ❤︎ TYPO

We have extensive experience in print . Our services include creative direction and production. We detect and design graphic solutions for our customers. Brand identity, creative direction and graphic design are showcased in our portfolio designated by a specific visual language. We elaborate corporate identity and we are envolving in the process of initiating or relaunching branding strategies. Ιrrespective the size of project, we help our clients to rationalise their challenges and communicate their benefits.

Web Design - constructive imagery.

We are a constructive imagery! Having a high degree of experience, participating in great projects, we leverage information architecture and our extensive UI/UX skills to produce websites and applications that meet our customers vision beyond expectations.

Internet Marketing - we care.

Depict your concept in full. Images that can run on any device!

  • Social Media Strategic Management
  • Facebook Contests
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics (Analysis, Conversions, Goals, Funnels)
  • Adwords (Monitoring, Optimization)
  • Page Rank optimization
  • Conversion rate increase
  • SEO Optimization
  • for further information please go to href

Web Development - ideas amplified by code.

Providing a consistent UI/UIX user experience using the most powerful tools!

  • ASP.NET Websites (MVC) / Applications {custom}
  • oscommerce/composite/DNN platforms {ondemand}
  • Joomla/Wordpress/Magento platforms {ondemand}
  • MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle {Databases}
  • Jquery, javascript
  • iPhone/Android Applications
  • Facebook Applications
  • Silverlight/WPF Applications
  • Python
  • for further information please go to href


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